Redmark Adventures Volume 1’ is a concise collection of ten 1-sheet adventures.

36 page old-school adventure module
36 page old-school adventure module

Each adventure spans two pages and opens up to lay flat. Everything you need for a four-hour session is on those two pages, with the occasional custom monster stat block located in an easy-to-print/copy section in the appendix. Adventures are:

  • Modular — Rip them out and fold into any campaign you run.
  • Low-prep — Read a one-sheet adventure and be ready to run in fewer than fifteen minutes!
  • Discoverable — Play to see what happens! Lots of random encounters written in a loose, sandbox style means a collaboratively told story, increasing GM and player satisfaction.
Module includes an optional 1-page map and setting, perfect to print for your players
Module includes an optional 1-page map and setting, perfect to print for your players

Each adventure is stand-alone with the exception of a four-part story arc wrapping up in an epic, world-shattering conclusion.

This adventure module includes:

  • 10 1-sheet adventures — The core of the module is a set of low-prep, high-octane adventures with 5e stats and black-and-white maps.
  • 3 Pre-generated ‘Bullet Campaigns’ — This is a technique similar to Dungeon Worlds ‘Fronts’ or Fate’s ‘Issues’. Each Bullet Campaign is a faction or force in the world with diabolical plans. A list of NPCs and Escalations let gamemasters easily adapt those campaign events to the story unfolding at the table.
  • 1 Region Map — We include a one-page 8×10 hex area black-and-white map (each hex being 60 miles) with a one-page description. Use this world or swap in your own setting.
  • 1 City Map & 1 Village Map — Both black-and-white maps include a legend along with key issues and encounters, richly detailed and described on a two-page spread.
  • GM Tools — The product includes random encounters, random villages, a list of optional adventure seeds, lists of random NPC names, and other great tools to make the adventure alive, dynamic, and expandable for months of play.