The full Dungeonesque Red Box RPG is now available in PDF format! There are still a few things we’re still working on but we wanted to get the product into your hands and get your feedback. Backers will get a message with information on getting the Dropbox links for the PDFs:

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2016-06-01 01.20.49

The Player’s Guide (Red)

Screenshot 2016-06-01 01.21.07

Interior of the Player’s Guide

Screenshot 2016-06-01 01.21.29

The GM’s Guide (Blue)

Screenshot 2016-06-01 01.21.41

Interior of the GM’s Guide

We’ll definitely be updating some of the content before we finalize the product. Areas we know we still need to work on:

  • Spell Formatting — We need a few tweaks like adding Icons for the concentration spells.
  • Spell Listing — We’ve include all levels 1-8 spells, but some of these aren’t needed for our four classes. We’ll be removing some spells. Also, we had feedback that you might like the spells grouped by level — usually I see spells simply alphabetized so we’ll see what you think of this new format (and we can change it back to the way most people list spells).
  • Standard Treasure — We’re leveraging some OGL White Box era retroclone content and some of these treasure items need better 5e stats, need to refer to the proper 5e spells, etc.

We’ll be sending out a survey in the next two weeks to get your feedback. You can also email if you’d like to chat with me directly.

There are also a few other items we are still working on that we’ll release separately in the days ahead:

  • A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dungeon (released as a separate product since it won’t fit in the 44 page limit for DriveThurRPG booklets).
  • A Dungeonesque Character Sheet
  • A Hexcrawl Worksheet (some of you saw this in an earlier playtest packet)
  • An OpenOffice Cover Kit to hack different covers for your PDFs for do-it-yourself printing.

We’re also thinking about what to put on the back of the book covers for those who get the physical products. Maybe things like a Table of Contents and Frequently Used Tables. We’ve love your feedback on this!

We’ll give you another update on progress around mid-June after the survey on when we expect to have the final PDF and print copies ready for distribution.

Thank you for your feedback and support! Let me know if you have questions.

— Stan Shinn
Rogue Comet