Print Copies Now Shipping!


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For those of you who backed our recent Kickstarter and ordered hard copies of the main adventure, we’ve got great news! Final products are now shipping!

‘Redmark Adventures Volume 1’ ended up being 40 pages. It has a final title of ‘Redmark Adventures Volume 1: Varria’ which refers to the region in the World of Redmark in which the adventures occur. Want to transplant the adventures to another setting? No worries; that’s easily done. But for those wanting a nice, quick adventure setting rich with plot hooks and maps, we’ve included great content. Each new adventure module we produce in this series will detail a new region of the World of Redmark and have additional maps and locations. Stay tuned for new product announcements coming soon!

How Do I Get My Products?

Check your email inbox. Print product backers will be getting emails from with the links to print-at-cost codes to order your print products.

All backers will also get emails from Backerkit with new links to the permanent location of all final Digital products, now hosted on

There’s more to it than that (for example, why the final print-at-cost price is slightly higher than I expected). To learn more details about the final products, read below.

Emails to Get Your 5e and 1e Print Copies

Backers who are getting print products will get an email in the next few hours sent from Click on the link in that email and it will route you to where you can get a print copy of the adventure module. You pay only the printing cost of the module plus shipping and handling. All backers who are getting print products will get emails for both 5e and 1e versions. You can get one or both printed out at cost. Backers who added extra money to get more than one copy will get multiple emails, one for each discount code.

Digital Copies of All Kickstarter Products

Separate from, I’ll be sending you an email from Backerkit which will have new links to get Digital copies of all products you’ve ordered. I’ve decided to use as the permanent source to host the digital PDFs. Bookmark the link you get — if there are errata or changes that we make to the PDFs, the Dropbox link will be the place you can always get the latest and greatest copies!

Why not house the PDFs on Great question. We’ve decided to partner with the new site as our distribution partner. is important to us since we’ll be producing box set RPG products in the months ahead and they can warehouse and deliver these products for us — something cannot do. requires an exclusive contract with them, so we cannot host 5e PDFs with if we are using for warehousing and shipping. While is a great all-in-one-place retailer to centrally house your RPG PDFs, we believe the strategic importance of being able to do products such as box sets make the ideal choice for us. We hope you like the products we’ll be announcing soon available through!

Adventures in Print Binding!

Now, back to the print delivery. Pictured above is the final product. It looks great, and has a full color map of Varria on the rear cover. Originally we gave the estimate that the print edition was expected to be around $2.48 USD for the standard Black & White print version. The final cost is a bit higher. Here’s why.

Our final version was 40 pages instead of 36 pages. That by itself increased the cost a bit. Then we had some issues getting the right binding. The original print copies that I got from OneBookShelf ( came back as perfect bound — this is the type of binding where the side of the booklet is glued and not stapled. It looks great but doesn’t lay as flat as I was hoping. Apparently OneBookShelf will only do saddlestitch binding if you print full-color copies. I did not want to sacrifice quality, so I ordered a second set of proof copies, this time printed using the full-color process (the interior is still black-and-white, but this way we can get the stapled saddle-stitch binding). I am really in love with this type of printing quality — see pictures below. The interior is not glossy and you can write on it with pencil or pen just fine. It’s the ideal binding and the quality I really wanted for these booklets.

The downside is this new print binding costs more — $6.20 for 40 pages instead of the $2.48 for 36 pages I had originally estimated. This is a $3.72 increase over my original estimate. Maybe not a lot but I feel bad about the cost being a little higher!

Bonus Credit for Next Kickstarter

Given the $3.72 price overrun, here is what I would like to do. All backers for the ‘Dungeonesque: World of Redmark’ print products will get a $5 credit on future Rogue Comet Kickstarter products.

How do you get this discount? On my next Kickstarter, simply pledge $5 lower than whatever amount you need to pay for a product. When I send out the Backerkit survey I’ll have a question that you can answer that lets me know you had a $5 credit from this first Kickstarter. I appreciate your support, and hope you’ll continue to enjoy these and future products we release with the help of generous backers like you!