New Survey

We’d love your feedback! We have a new survey with questions about the Red Box RPG products. Please visit to take a quick one-page survey. We appreciate your input!

Dungeonesque Red Box RPG Beta Begins Next Week

Next week we’ll invite Dungeonesque Red Box RPG Indiegogo backers to a private social media group we’ll be setting up. Our Beta program will be a bit like the Wizards of the Coast D&D Next beta program. We’ll release bits and pieces at first to get specific feedback, and over time, we’ll release the entire product. This way we can make sure and get maximum feedback and craft this game to be the best possible product.

New Art for Box Set Adventures

We’re working on a box set version of the Dungeonesque Red Box RPG which will include additional content such as several adventures. Check out this art we just received which will be part of the upcoming adventure product!


Redmark Adventures Volume 1 Updates

Thanks to your feedback we’ve rewritten one confusing paragraph and fixed a couple of minor formatting issues in the recent ‘Redmark Adventures Volume 1’ product. We’ll be re-issuing the updated PDF in a few days.

Earlier this month we got back our first wave of print samples from One Book Shelf ( For the most part it looked great! We did see two issues we wanted to address, so we made changes and ordered a second set of proofs. We should be getting those back next week. If all goes as planned we’ll then set up the print codes and deliver the final print-at-cost codes to Kickstarter print backers so they can order their print version of the adventures.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.56.32 AM