Two new updates I wanted to share with you!

Chronicles RPG Kit

First up, we just launched a new Kickstarter called Chronicles RPG Kit. Inspired by Kickstarter’s make/100 initiative, I’m sharing a few tools that I’ve been using at my home games with great success. The Chronicles RPG Kit is a series of system-neutral, old-school booklets with tools to help you run well organized, dynamic roleplaying games. I’m particularly excited to share Malloy’s Almanac, which is a cool booklet I’ve been using in prototype form for many months to run dynamic, no-prep games. I love it!

Backers are capped at 100, so get them while you can!

Red & White Box Printer Proofs

A few days ago I got the proofs for the Red & White Boxes. Thought I’d share the pictures below of what that looks like. The printouts on the left are to verify the layout. The printouts on the right are to verify the colors. It all looks great and I OK’d for the print run.

We’re on track to ship in late February or (more likely) March. I’ll continue to keep you posted!

— Stan Shinn