Rogue Comet is an RPG company formed by fans of the hobby who want to create time-saving GM tools to make gaming easier. Together with a hoard of helpers and supporters we strive to create fantastic products for everyone!

Our slogan is: Simply. Smarter. Gaming.

Our creative team includes:

  • screenshot-2016-09-21-18-17-44Stan Shinn (President) — Stan has been playing RPGs since 1978 when his first character survived all of 90 minutes before dying in a fiendish dungeon trap. He’s been hooked on roleplaying ever since! Stan is a former US Southwest D&D Adventurer’s League Coordinator for 5th edition games, moderator of the largest D&D 5e Google+ community, author of several indie RPGs, and creator of many 5e tools such as a GM Screen and 1e to 5e conversion tools featured in EnWorld articles.
  • screenshot-2016-09-21-18-19-57Damien Goldwarg (Managing Editor)— Damien was introduced to RPGs with the advent of 4th Edition D&D. He quickly fell in love with GMing and has been designing content ever since. When 5E entered its playtesting phase, he was among the first wave of people to adopt and master the new system. Damien has earned a reputation for creating adventures that offer both memorable stories and satisfying combat encounters.
  • screenshot-2016-09-21-18-22-29Nathan Panke (Game Systems Brand Manager) — Nathan has been playing and running RPGs for over 25 years. He played his first role-playing game at a Boy Scout camp. Since then Nathan has played every version of D&D and any other RPG that he can get a hold of. He has written adventures for several editions of D&D as well as other systems including: 13th Age, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Savage Worlds (Several settings), Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Swords & Wizardry, and White Star.
  • screenshot-2016-09-21-18-15-55Paul Oklesh (World of Redmark Brand Manager) — Paul got his start through the D&D 5E playtests but has since dabbled in many different systems. Paul has written several adventures for 5E and has been published by EnWorld Publishing’s EN5IDER magazine – his work “The Business of Emotion” (which was coincidentally written for this campaign setting) serving as their free sample adventure.


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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I was excited to see that Rogue Comet had done the 5e conversion for Barrowmaze. I wanted to also say that I hope you’ll do a conversion of Greg Gillespie’s new Forbidden Caverns.


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